·280 g/m² ·75% Cotton, ring-spun and combed, 21% Polyester, 4% Viscose (3 layer fabric) ·Carbon Melange: 77% Cotton, 23% Polyester ·100% Cotton flat print surface ·V-insert with decorative seam at collar ·Herringbone neck tape ·Half moon neck insert (locker patch) ·Fashionable offset shoulder seams ·Elastane on ribbed cuffs and waistband trim ·Cover seam armholes, cuffs and hem ·Labelfree ·Straighter cut.

Authentic Melange Sweat [barvna]

  • Textile Europe: 226.00
  • Textile World: 10.260M
  • Šifra izdelka: 260M
  • Proizvajalec: Russell

Barve zaloga in velikosti
  • Cena brez DDV: 17.97€

  • Cena z DDV: 21.92€

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